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Playgroup Aspen's Philosophy & Mission



Playgroup Aspen is a child enrichment program designed to create the love of learning with a partnership between parents and teachers. We do not want to over teach, however, we would like to stimulate and prepare the children for kindergarten with our curriculum. Play is very important in their daily routine. We strive to maintain a balance of pre-kindergarten readiness, art, music, outside play, dramatic and imaginary play. Fostering their innate curiosity and eagerness to learn. Kindness, manners, self-help and self-esteem are essential and fostered daily. 


We provide an environment in which each child is immersed in stimulating activities, designed to strengthen their preexisting skills and develop their emerging skills. More than just the child, we believe that it is the entire family who are incorporated as active members of our community upon enrollment.

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