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What to Bring...

Please be sure to bring ALL of your child's items each day. We are not permitted to provide "borrowing" items during COVID-19.


Parents provide two healthy snacks (AM/PM) each day and your child’s lunch and beverage. Please bring a full, labeled water bottle daily. If your child has a food allergy, please let Ms. Kadi and your child's teachers know.

If your child drinks milk or formula throughout the day, please supply clean bottles and milk/formula daily. 

Diapering/Toileting/Extra Clothing

Children who are still using diapers should be supplied with diapers, wipes, and any diaper cream that you would like applied. Please speak to your child's teachers about any special instructions regarding diaper creams.


Children who are potty training or newly potty trained should be supplied with at least a few changes of clothing, including socks. These items may be stored in your child's cubby in a reusable grocery bag or wet bag.


All children should be supplied with at least one extra full set of clothing that can be used in case of accidents, spills, etc. These may be stored in your child's cubby in a reusable grocery bag or wet bag.

Nap Time/Special Lovies 

Please send a crib size sheet, a blanket, and a pillow for your child. Each group rests for some period of time throughout the day. If your child has special items that help him/her to rest and feel more comfortable, you are welcome to send those items to school also. They will be stored in your child's nap cubby and given to your child each day to rest. All items will be sent home to be washed weekly. 

Winter Gear/Sun Gear

During the winter months, please bring appropriate labeled winter clothing everyday: a snowsuit or coat and snow pants, snow boots, waterproof mittens or gloves and a warm hat. We take the children out each day unless the weather is extremely cold or snowy. 

During the summer months, please refer to the "What to Bring" section under the Summer Session tab. During the spring and fall, please send your child each day with a sun hat and with sunscreen applied. We will reapply Babyganics sunscreen throughout the day. 

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