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Playgroup Aspen's School Year Session is 36 weeks long and runs from late August through late May every year. We follow the Aspen School District Calendar. School is in session Tuesday through Friday each week from 8:00am to 4:00pm. 

We enroll full-time, local children in our program and begin to cultivate peer relationships and social interactions from an early age. Consistency of peers and teachers is a very important part of our program. We strive to create a secure environment for each child; an environment in which the children can grow and develop socially and academically. 

Throughout the school year, each of our classrooms follows a thematic curriculum. We also have Ms. Tammy join us for music and participate in the Preschool art program at the Red Brick with Ms. Liz. Every Monday, classroom schedules are distributed to parents via email. 

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